Biology – Building DNA and RNA molecule student activity with Ward’s DNA lab building kit

Course: Biology, Biology 12 (Canada) Summary: This is a student led inquiry activity used with Ward's DNA and RNA molecular building kit (  The activity guides the...
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Forensic Science – 4 different blood spatter lab activity

Course: Topics in Science 11 (Canada), Forensic Science Summary: This is for forensic science or Topics in Science in Canada. This is a 4 part laboratory to analyze blood spatter. The 1st task is analyzing blood spatter from free fall 2nd task is analyzing blood...
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Science STEM – Creating own series / parallel circuits student led activity project

Course: Science, Gr.9 Science (Canada) Summary: Here is an excellent unit project that I use in my classroom. The students absolutely love building these circuits and the best part is that you don't need high tech circuit tools and supplies to complete this! What is...
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Chemistry – Naming and balancing reaction quizzes 2 versions

Course: Chemistry, Physical science Summary: 2 different versions of naming compounds, and balancing chemical reactions quiz.  Out of 30 marks Type of activity: Assessment Time required: 35mins Files: Naming and balancing quiz and Naming and balancing quiz2Naming and...
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Chemistry – Lab safety using Bunsen Burner Student activity

Course: Chemistry, physical science Summary: This is a lab safety student activity worksheet to help students use a Bunsen Burner and WHMIS labels. Type of activity: Lab activity Time required: 55mins Files: Lab safety ActivityLab safety student Activity...
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Biology – Biodiversity tree of life reference printout

Course: Biology, Biology 12 (Canada) Summary: This is a summary visual tree of all the kingdoms, phyla, and classes used in the biodiversity unit. Type of activity: Reference Time required: 35mins Files: Biodiversity tree of...
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8.0 – Equilibrium

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