About us

teacheridoo.com is a subscription service where teachers and parents can have unlimited downloads on the resources on this website. We strive to provide teachers and parents the quality resources that are classroom ready or could be edited to your liking. We have used and tested these resources and are proud to showcase these resources for your use.

We offer 2 major subscription services. A monthly and an annual service. As you can see, the price is quite reasonable as they are for an unlimited number of downloads.  The reason why the price is set at this price is because we want to provide teachers with the support that they spend more quality time inside their classroom with their students. Our goal is to have over 100000+ subscribers so that we would have a large network of teachers where ideas can be shared.

We aim to provide resources that are relevant, interactive, and visually appealing. We will try to make resources that are current so that they will cater to students’ interests.  Please let us know if you have any questions @ info@teacheridoo.com .