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We as teachers know that prepping and planning takes up a lot of time. Our job is to make your prep time less so that you have more time to have better in class experience with your students.

The resources found on are either 1) custom made or 2) found somewhere in the depths of the internet and have been streamlined so that they are ready to be used in your classroom.

We will provide both the .pdf file, and a editable .docx format so that you are able to modify or change the text that is suitable to your needs.

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Forensic Science – 4 different blood spatter lab activity

Course: Topics in Science 11 (Canada), Forensic Science Summary: This is for forensic science or Topics in Science in Canada. This is a 4 part laboratory to analyze blood spatter. The 1st task is analyzing blood spatter from free fall 2nd task is analyzing blood...
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Science STEM – Creating own series / parallel circuits student led activity project

Course: Science, Gr.9 Science (Canada) Summary: Here is an excellent unit project that I use in my classroom. The students absolutely love building these circuits and the best part is that you don't need high tech circuit tools and supplies to complete this! What is...
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Chemistry – Lab safety using Bunsen Burner Student activity

Course: Chemistry, physical science Summary: This is a lab safety student activity worksheet to help students use a Bunsen Burner and WHMIS labels. Type of activity: Lab activity Time required: 55mins Files: Lab safety ActivityLab safety student Activity...
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Biology – Biodiversity tree of life reference printout

Course: Biology, Biology 12 (Canada) Summary: This is a summary visual tree of all the kingdoms, phyla, and classes used in the biodiversity unit. Type of activity: Reference Time required: 35mins Files: Biodiversity tree of...
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Biology – Anatomy Physiology – Large Digestive system Diagram

Course: Biology, Biology 11 (Canada), Anatomy and Physiology Summary: This is a large digestive system over view with fill in the blanks, or a completed diagram. The diagram spans 3 pages where students tape them together to see an overview of the system.  The...
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Chemistry: Easy to do Bohr diagram and Lewis dot structure worksheet

Course: Science 10, Physical Science, Adapted learning Summary: This is a well laid out Bohr diagram and Lewis Dot structure worksheet for struggling students in placing the electrons around the nucleus. There are empty boxes around the shells so that students will...
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Anatomy and Physiology Tissues unit project

Anatomy & Physiology – Tissues Unit Project

Course: Anatomy & Physiology Summary: This project tackles the Tissues Unit of Anatomy and Physiology. It provides students various opportunities to showcase their talents in demonstrating their understanding. Some of my students decided to write a song, produce...
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Biology – Building own mutation from DNA sequences activity

Course: Biology, Biology 12(Canada) Summary: In this activity, students are provided with a wild string of DNA for a particular phenotype (There are 10 different phenotypes). They are then pick up a mutation (provided) for each of their phenotypes and transcribe and...
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Science – Building a balloon powered car!

Course: General science (gr.10 Canada), physics, physical science Summary: This is an unit project on the unit Motion and learning about Newton's 3 laws. The student is to build a balloon powered car with 2 balloons, with other restrictions. This is an incredible fun...
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Biology – Ecosystems biomagnification class activity

Course: Biology, Ecosystems, Science (Gr.10) Summary: Here is an activity that allows your students to see how biomagnification works. Instead of consuming heavy loads of Tuna fish to see the effects of Mercury, you can mimic the same process in your class! Basically,...
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Math – Intro to Fractions notes/

Course: Middle school math Summary: There are 3 pages of student notes for introducing fractions. Type of activity: Student notes Time required: 2 classes Files: ZIP...
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Math – Rational numbers, integers, and fractions interactive notes

Course: Middle school math Summary: This is a set of notes on rational numbers, integers, and fractions. The students have fill in the blank notes along with visually appealing notes. Type of activity: Student fill in the blank notes Time required: 3-4 classes Files:...
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Biology – Ecosystems Taboo vocabulary game

Course: Ecology - Ecosystems - Gr.10 Science (Canada) Summary: Here is the Ecology Terminology Taboo game. The game is very easy to setup, and it is a great game to get the students involved and talking about the terms instead of rote memorization. Setup: There are 42...
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Chemistry – Taboo vocabulary review game

Course: Chemistry - Physical Science - Gr.10 (science) Canada Summary: Here is the Chemistry/Physical Science Terminology Taboo game. The game is very easy to setup, and it is a great game to get the students involved and talking about the terms instead of rote...
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Math – Connect 4 Game template with solving for unknown questions

Course: Math Summary: This is a fun and interactive cooperative learning game involving polynomials - collecting like terms specifically. How to use the game in your classroom? • Can be used in pairs, groups of 3, or in teams of 2. • Print out the base game template •...
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Chemistry – Building own compounds superheroes project

Course: Chemistry, Physical science, Gr.10 Science (Chemistry Unit) Canada Summary: I know there are a lot of element superhero worksheets/assignments out there. But this one is not only just on an element but for students to research on a compound that they create!...
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Chemistry – Chemistry for Dummies Review Project

Course: Chemistry - Gr.10 Science (Chemistry unit Canada) Summary: Chemistry for Dummies Assignment The “Dummies” brand is an extremely popular How-To Help instructional book line. The topics range from Gardening to Quantum Mechanics where all sorts of topics are...
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Chemistry – Balancing reactions review activity

Course: Chemistry / Physical Science Summary: Here is a great activity to get your students up and moving. Get your students into groups of 2-3. Distribute an answer sheet to each group. Each group picks up a random Erlenmeyer card (32 in total) and balances the...
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Chemistry – Amazing Race Unit Review

Course: Physical science, gr.10 science, gr.11 chemistry Summary: This is a review activity that revolves around the TV Game show Amazing Race. The students receive various clues and must complete them before moving on to the next level. Type of activity: Group...
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Physical science – History of electricity timeline startup

Course: Physical science, Gr.9 Science (Canada) Summary: What is it? There are 9 cards of different inventions/discoveries regarding electricity for printout that you distribute to each student or small groups. Draw a simple timeline on the board, and have the...
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Our mission:

Our mission is to provide teachers with a streamlined central hub for effective, useful, and enriched resources so that teachers can spend more time inside the classroom than preparing the lessons. We promise to make all our resources visually appealing, interactive, involves critical thinking, and educationally sound.

21st Century learning

Activities that are geared towards 21st century learning and learners.


Engaging activities

We focus on hands-on, interactive, and cooperative activities of various subjects.

New resources uploaded everyday!


Problem based learning

Problem based learning (PBL) activities for groups and individuals on science topics such as case studies, creating models, and laboratory work.

Classroom activities

Looking for classroom templates?  We have game templates, K-W-L, fill in the blank, matching, and many other templates.

These activities were so useful in my classroom. They got all my students engaged and interested in the topic!

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The cladogram idea was a great way to introduce the concept of drawing cladograms! Awesome idea.

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Math – Hockey stats mean, median, and mode student assignment

Course: Math, General Science Summary: What the product is about? If you have hockey fans in your classroom and you are teaching about mean, median and mode, this is a great research activity for the students to research on their favourite hockey players, and decide...
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Math – Intro to Fractions notes/

Course: Middle school math Summary: There are 3 pages of student notes for introducing fractions. Type of activity: Student notes Time required: 2 classes Files: ZIP...
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Biology – Digestive system unit notes

Course: Biology, Biology 11 (Canada) Summary: This is the unit notes used for the digestive system unit. It is in KeyNote format Type of activity: Student notes Time required: 1 - 2 weeks including assignments and activities. Files:...
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Directional planes creature project – Anatomy & Physiology

Course: Anatoy & Physiology Summary: This small unit project focuses on the anatomical position vocabulary such as transverse, sagittal plane, anterior, ventral etc... The students are to build a creature and label the directional planes on the creature. Worth 15...
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What do we have to offer?

Everyday, new resources will be added onto the website. This is where you can login and download the .pdf or .docx files of these resources. Every resource will be different.

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  • science lessons (STEM approach)
  • 21st century learning activities
  • group activities
  • problem based learning
  • classroom management ideas such as calendar templates, organization templates etc…
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  • Unit Reviews
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